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1000 Curry

 Preserving the pith and spice of India's gastronomic past is virtually impossible The Indian food history is the history of invention in times of necessity and inheritance from diverse cultures, some dishes were invented for the sake of masses while some others were borrowed from across geographies.


Laverne's Eatery

Chef Ray never thought he'd have to share his middle name, and even though it's always made him cringe, Zach and the locals LOVE IT!  It's a local place, using local ingredients, a place you can always find a friend the same time tomorrow.​

Welcome to a healthy twist

to diner food.

woodfired pizza.jpg

Purple House Café

True to its name the Cafe is located in a bright purple house surrounded by beautiful gardens with a view of the waterfront. The Cafe serves sustainable, shade grown and fair trade coffee from Birds & Beans. They offer fresh salads, home baked treats, panini and authentic wood fired pizza cooked in the garden.


Riva Restaurant

Riva brings together the flavours of two places we love dearly – Italy & the 1000 Islands. Inspired by the osterias of Italy, Riva is a modern day take on a traditional Italian tavern, paired with nautical elements that remind us of what we cherish most about The River. A gathering place where you can drop in on a whim, unwind with a glass or two of wine, and enjoy a bite of whatever the Chef is cooking.


Stonewater Pub
& Eatery

Our gastro pub looks out over the St.Lawrence river and offers an old world style pub feeling with a choice of 12 local micro beers, assorted wines and a great single malt selection as well. We offer a fantastic and interesting pub menu as well.

Salmon Sushi Rolls

Sushi Sun

Our chef Shin Duk Han serves authentic Japanese cuisine, combining the freshest ingredients, Asian traditions, a touch of her own creativeness and a hint of Western influences. Over everything else, we want to offer you a unique dining experience. We look forward to your visit!

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