Provincial Hotel Fire February 2004

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Fire Feb. 2004. Stone Street Tavern ( Provincial Hotel )
This has now been sold and is soon to go under the hammer! Feb/2005

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Local News - A man suffered minor burns to his feet and smoke inhalation in a fire that caused an estimated $500,000 damage to an apartment complex on King Street in Gananoque.
The injured man was not identified.
The blaze broke out just after 11 p.m. Friday in the same complex where a Gananoque man died in a fire on New Year’s Day.
Firefighters spent more than six hours battling the fire this weekend.
“We were there from [11:18 p.m.] till approximately 5:30 [Saturday] morning,” Gananoque Fire Chief Gerry Bennett said yesterday.“It was running up the roof and ceilings but with the help of the big truck from Kingston and the others we were able to contain it.”
The fire started on the third floor of the apartment complex above the Stone Street Tavern. Gananoque police were first to arrive on the scene and immediately called the fire department, police said. They evacuated the 12 apartments on the second and third floors although it’s not immediately clear how many people had to flee the fire.

The Leeds and Thousand Islands, Howe Island and Kingston fire departments helped fight the blaze.
Bennett said the entire third floor was burned and there was smoke and water damage to the first and second floors.
Bennett said most tenants were taken to local motels, while others went to stay with family and friends.
He believed it was not a suspicious fire but refused to comment on how it started. The fire is still under investigation by the Gananoque police and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office.
Hans Hager, 68, a used furniture vendor, died after a fire in one of the King Street apartments Jan. 1 when his clothing caught fire while he was cooking.
Officials said Hager had been reaching to shut off a stove element, which was described as “red-hot.” The nylon and polyester in Hager’s clothing burned quickly.
Hager, who had second- and third-degree burns to 70 per cent of his body, was taken to a burn unit in Hamilton where he died.

Kingston Whig-Standard

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Dan Pritchard Photography
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