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Gananoque   Murals

            In August of 2001, downtown Gananoque saw the unveiling of its first historical mural, located at Gananoque Video (Gananoque's This That & Everything).  This downtown Gananoque scene lets visitors and resident relive
Gananoque in 1920.

            In October, 2001 a second historical mural was unveiled at Scott's (Giant Tiger).  It depicts an actual fall church service at famous Half Moon Bay.  
Eight faces have been purchased by local residents of Gananoque.

            Many more murals are being developed by the Gananoque Business Improvement Area.  These murals were created to tell a story of Gananoque’s History and will be displayed throughout the downtown core.

            Come enjoy the heart of downtown Gananoque.  With unique shops and exquisite restaurants you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

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